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How is your service cost calculated?
We at Nimbus, are very flexible on the costing part. Our costing depends on our client’s requirement. We mostly work on a Fixed + Variable model where Fixed Cost is for agent salary and Variable Cost is for other overheads.
What are the skill set of your hiring?
We believe to customize and tailor-make our solutions depending upon the requirements. We have the capabilities to hire staffs of L0 to L4 levels including those of foreign language or any other skill set.
How do you ensure database security
Our clients' databases are stored under safe custody of authorized core management members and are electronically handled by a senior IT staff.
4. What are the connectivity solutions used for services?
We use GSM Gateway and Lease line from Basic Service Providers. For calling, we have our own customized in-house dialler and CRM.
5. What is your organizational hierarchy ?
The 4E's stand For: Education, Examination, Experience and Ethics. This is one of the most prestigious and well known certification. All the employees have to undergo the certification process as it is only once they are certified, they will be appointed.
6. What time do you take to start a process?
We have our infrastructure ready for most of our customer’s requirement. Since we are experienced in multiple levels of services, we can design any exceptional requirement in least possible duration.
7. Can you provide multilingual support?
Yes, we do provide multilingual support.
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