Pre Sale Services In Mumbai

The term presale can be said to be the person who, based on a series of benefits and services about products, technical characteristics, and benefits, provides the customer with learning, installation, needs, and product requirements during the sale process. 

"Presale" service is made up of a dense network of professionals in the area who help the client identify and collect the needs. In Simple words, we can say that it is the art of potential conditioning customers, making them more likely to buy your products or services. Presale services in Mumbai are divided into these two lines of work. We consider the basis of an optimal service, which will focus on the most appropriate service, giving you the most specific solutions to the requested requirements, which, together with the different contexts and applications to your needs.

Since personal selling is costly, no sales department can afford to be disorganized. Proper planning helps the sales manager organize and delegate sales activities and direct salespeople by region, product line, market, or industry. The way the presales force is structured affects the quality of the company's communication with its customers. Different approaches are appropriate for different types of businesses dealing with different kinds of clients.

Functions of Nimbus BPO's Presale services in Mumbai:


Pre Sale Services In Mumbai

The aim is to establish trust and a good relationship with your potential customers based on the solution that is being offered and to meet your needs and expectations technical


An essential part of the presale is how to present your information as you have a reputation as an expert in a specific field of the product or service to be offered. The information must be delivered in a way that puts the prospect's mental state in a ready-to-buy mode.

Product information by nature, all product features and specifications are highlighted and clarified on the supplier's website. Your product presale work should go beyond what is already written and discussed.

Your duty is to carry out additional or first-hand information about the product, aspects, benefits, and specifications that are not found on the supplier's site. This is done through comments or product comparison.

Product Use:

Pre Sale Services In Mumbai

Another powerful presale tactic is promoting product use in a new light or approach; New ways, new methods, new services of everything that the product involves can be discovered if you do a thorough study on your own.

Customers will buy something when they can use it immediately to achieve the desired result. The new ways your product can be used can trigger the impulse to buy, even more so when they know that the product is quite good.


Another great presales tool would be to offer advice on some other market research methods and make sure how your product is superior to the others.

Customer Training:

It is a communication process between the presale and the potential buyers, whose objective is to transmit technical, implementation, and solution information beneficial to both parties. 

Survey of Requirements:

Pre Sale Service Provider In Mumbai

Requirements gathering are defined as the process of identifying business needs, solving possible disparities between the people involved in it to define and distill the requirements to meet the restrictions imposed by the various parties.

A reasonable requirements survey process supports the development of the requirements specification in such a way that they have the following attributes:

  • They must be complete, consistent, and within the scope of the project
  • They must have a unique identifier
  • They meet customer goals
  • They are viable and developmentally appropriate
  • Preparation of Proposal, technical scope, and implementation

Clients must be given specific offers of the products to be marketed, consistent with the requirements survey carried out, market segment to which they belong, and their purchasing behavior.

The presale is in charge of the technical scope of the product or service offered, implementation times, project resources, and economic values. To carry out effective Presale services in Mumbai, here at Nimbus BPO, we comprehend that the customer's knowledge is essential and with this the selection of the most suitable products for him.

  • Who is the client?
  • Know the product that is sold.
  • List the offered services.
  • Know the market and position of the products concerning the competition.