Pre Sale Services In Jaipur

The presale deals with "customer service before the sale" in the sense of knowing their needs and characteristics. Their main tasks were to set the objective of the process, set priorities within the client portfolio and routes of commercial opportunities, analyze vulnerability to competition, carry out analysis of consumer files, and establish their needs or arrange personal interviews. Pre-sale services in Jaipur are quite essential in order to determine the problems and solutions of your queries.

Presale profile always linked to generating proposals behind the counter faces relevant changes and a redefinition of its tasks without having a direct relationship with the customer. While before the commercial was in charge of these functions, today, that has changed. The reason? Very simple: you need to generate, you want to create a relationship of trust with the client and continuity in the treatment that makes them feel safe.

The role of any IT sales team is clear: Sell. To carry out a good sale, you have to know the client, and we do not mean the name of the interlocutor, how much the company bills, or what they do. This knowledge must go much further and obtain a qualification of their real needs, including information on IT infrastructure, server volume, capacities, CRM/ERP systems, etc. This is precisely what differentiates a sale of licenses from the sale of a project.

Nimbus BPO's presale services in Jaipur and Bhubaneswar:

Pre Sale Services In Jaipur

IT presale is a set of services, actions, and procedures that encompass any study, analysis, definition, and compilation of information before the sale. Within the technological field, it is fundamental, essential, and precisely for any IT company.

The presale services in Jaipur aims to meet the customer's needs at all levels and supports the commercial team so that in this way a service can be presented that meets all the customer's needs, even those that are not contemplated in a First, doing this with predictive analytics that, in addition to giving more credibility to the IT company (provider), will help minimize investment in future customer support.

Now that we know the objectives, and their advantages of Pre-sale services in Bhubaneswar:

Marketing teams and departments focus on prospecting, research, and market studies: on generating qualified leads for IT, as well as on the organization of events (now webinars and/or virtual events), as well as on feasibility studies of projects and their penetration rate, competitor analysis, products and services, customer satisfaction surveys, etc. therefore, among the functions associated with an IT presale, we can find the following:

Pre Sale Services In Jaipur

  • Serve as a link between Inside Sales and the pure commercial team.
  • Work together with the marketing team on the campaigns and the qualifying or qualification of prospects or leads.
  • Work in collaboration with the sales team and/or sales representatives in proposing projects and offers to the client and creating and defining the client's technical needs.
  • Present and provide technical support before the implementation of the product or technological solution.
  • Document self-developed IT solutions to streamline interpretation and commercial presentation to the client.

Pre Sale Service Provider In Jaipur

The change appears as a requirement of the market since consulting companies realized that, in order to sell technological solutions, the most important thing was to know them and have the necessary skills, learning how and to whom to deal with those solutions. Therefore, now the presales professional is more oriented to developing and using soft skills, whereas previously they had always responded to more technical profiles.

Today we are faced with a technical-commercial mix, with the ability to offer a product, explain its technicalities and sell it; in such a way that the client ends up convinced that this is what he needs to solve the problems, he presents in his business.

Companies are already working on the "renewal" of their presales profile, including selection processes that focus on detecting soft skills such as empathy, persuasion, relationship facilities, pro-activity, and leadership.

On the other hand, the figure of the salesperson, previously responsible for interacting with the client and developing the necessary gifts to deal with the public, continues to be responsible for the visibility and projection of the business, the generation of opportunities, as well as the commercial management of the accounts.

Nimbus BPO presents a change of direction for the presale services in Bhubaneswar and reinvents itself to favor the development of new skills that arrive and cause a better impact on businesses.