Pre Sales Services in Chennai

Standardize the presale process in which responsibilities, roles, activities, deliverables, controls, and management and monitoring models are defined. Nimbus BPOs’ Pre-sale services in Chennai ensure the success factors of the phases of the service or project cycle. It also maximizes the quality with which the service will be provided, or the project will be executed.

The presale phase must be managed as a small project subject to internal and external requirements, consumes resources, and provides products (which must be of the highest quality to maximize contracting options).

The Pre-sale services in Chennai processes the information and generates the deliverables at three levels:


Pre Sales Services in Chennai

It is associated with the company's commercial strategy; at this level, the portfolio of solutions/competencies in which there are differential and competitive factors must be considered. This focus allows:

  • Predetermine whether business opportunities are of interest or not
  • Clarify how and where to direct business efforts

At a strategic level, it is essential that the company's sales force has a marketing/business model and plan that provide clear guidelines.


Establishing sales objectives at the level of opportunities and alignment with the marketing/business plan and with corporate goals:

  • Planning of marketing/sales activities
  • Definition of the process of contact, prospecting, and accompaniment of target clients
  • Goals to be met in time
  • Planning the sales process
  • Control, measurements, and improvement of sales effectiveness


Determine the specific approach for each particular commercial action based on the definition of its strategy. At this level, the following elements will be considered:

Diagnosis: Determining that the opportunity exists, is possible to win it, and is profitable.

  • Qualification of the opportunity and its viability
  • Determination of the elements of measurement of the opportunity
  • Knowledge and qualification of the client
  • Resources available for presales, ensuring adequate knowledge and skills for the opportunity

Pre Sales Services in Chennai

Proposed Solution:

Definition of the minimum information at the proposal level and the project/service plan to determine whether to develop a competitive proposal or not with a focus on:

  • Risks, problems, and needs identified and qualified/quantified
  • Identified and qualified/quantified benefits
  • Registration and cataloging of all the material and evidence of the presale process generated at a tactical level in the corresponding corporate repositories

Pre Sales Service Provider in Chennai

To be successful in the strategy of Pre-sale services in Chennai, it is essential that you have the support of qualified professionals with the right profile for the area.

Therefore, it is necessary that you know the two main types of professionals in the area and their particular characteristics. These are the Sales Development Representative and the Business Development Representative.

The Sales Development Representative is in charge of qualifying leads, from a database, and leaving them ready to be contacted by the sales team. So he is primarily responsible for getting qualified leads to the bottom of the funnel.

The Business Development Representative plays a much more active role, its main activity being the generation of qualified leads. Therefore, you must get in touch with potential customers who are still "cold" (they do not know the company and still do not see the need to purchase the product or service), through calls, sending e-mails, messages, etc.

Finally, we have a third profile, more technical and common in complex sales. This professional is in charge of speaking with the client in conjunction with the executive, which allows evaluating demands and aligning expectations and deliveries.

Here at Nimbus BPO, we present set of benefits of Pre-sale services in Chennai to consumers before the sale. The most common are the installation and the orientation of use of the product. When we talk about pre-sales, we do it from a customer service set before the sale of a certain product or service, in the sense of knowing their needs and characteristics. It is essential to have a deep knowledge of the client, as well as the products we are selling, in order to find the common link between the two.

Now that you understand what pre-sales means and knows how you can practices to apply it, it is important to underline that, when applied well, this methodology will bring more credibility and competitive advantage to your company, plus, of course, more sales!