Pre Sales Services in Bangalore

When a person arrives at a store or a commercial mall, he is always expecting the best of services and being treated like a king, regardless of whether he buys or not, because he knows that the business would not exist without his favorable decision. It is not absurd to say that all of us have had a bitter experience of service, which has made our concept and image negative, with dire results for the place where we are shopping or enjoying something.

When we reflect on a career, it is common to associate professional fulfillment with the possibility of working with something that generates satisfaction, that allows development, and that is within ethical principles.

The pre-sale services in Bangalore are included in the marketing or service marketing process, which we can structure in three phases: pre-sale, sale, and post-sale, and here we'll elaborate on Nimbus BPO's pre-sale services that are a beneficial factor of almost all the industry.

The pre-sale services in Bangalore consist of offering the consumer the products they want, with the possible quality, adequate presentation, and the best price. The variety of products, the way to attend to him, match his wishes, help him find what he is looking for, avoid useless travel, purchase possibilities, advertise specific products, comfort, a better standard of living, etc. All of these are manifestations of service.

How Nimbus BPO implements pre-sale services in Bangalore for products:

Pre Sales Services in Bangalore

The first thing is that it gives you a real clue how they see your product: if it is viable as it is or needs some more return before its official presentation.

It is a particular motivation for you since it encourages you to finish your info-product. The response or feedback you receive helps you continue with your product.

We can add an economic advantage since, with the pre-sale services in Bangalore; we receive an income that can help us continue focusing on creating our info-product without thinking that we do not generate revenue during this time. Therefore, we will not feel obliged to do extra work.

You have to take into account, for example, that the market is changing, people forget very quickly, the competition is not asleep, marketing positions the company, marketing is essential to survive and grow.

As can be seen, there are no longer companies that consider themselves solely as manufacturers of products but instead have to offer a personalized service since the physical product is only one part of the entire integrated customer value system.

Pre-sales activities will allow you to detect potential customers and present an offer tailored to their needs. In addition, you can combine them with your commitments to take advantage of the days when visits are slack.

You should always have a comprehensive list of potential clients pending investigation. You can obtain these references from the Internet, from the catalogs of fairs and events, commercial databases, etc. Dedicate yourself to researching a few potentials each day, for example, early or late in the day, when it is not time to make calls, or on Friday afternoons and at times of the year when visits are scarce.

The objective of this research is to find out, before contacting the potential customer for the first time, important data such as:

Pre Sales Services in Bangalore

  • What products may interest the customer?
  • When is it possible that the customer needs to buy?
  • Is he working with any of your competitors?
  • Who makes the purchase decision?

Pre Sales Service Provider in Bangalore

You can find this out by consulting the client's website, making an initial call to the receptionist or secretary, or even visiting the company. It will also help you to talk with other colleagues and apply your experiences and contacts.

Likewise, some databases and companies sell reports on potential customers, although you can get the same information for free in many cases. It's just a matter of putting in more hours if you can. Once you have obtained the available information, prepare an offer tailored to the company's needs and focus on contacting the right person.

If you work well in advance, you will have time to contact us as many times as necessary until you can arrange a visit. At Nimbus BPO, the preliminary contacts will also help you complete your research on potential customers. Thus, when finally meet the client, in addition to impressing him with your knowledge of his company, you will present him with a personalized offer, and you will have already planned how to counter objections. From there to closing, there is only one step – the pre-sale.