Outbound Call Center Services In Chennai

An outbound call center is an area where agents, advisers, supervisors, or executives, specially trained, make calls to clients, external or internal, business partners, associated companies, or others. Hiring Outbound call center services in Chennai is an option that companies are increasingly used by companies each time they choose to outsource services that do not make up their core business to focus their attention and resources on the key capabilities of the companies. Everything else is supposed to be managed effectively by specialists in each field.

Centers specialized in outbound calls (Outbound) can carry out polls and surveys, close distance sales, or manage invoices. They can even schedule meetings or make appointments with clients. This is precisely why large companies usually consider the benefits of hiring the call center in an outsourcing model.

Outbound Call Center Services In Chennai

The banking, insurance, and telecommunications sectors were the ones that promoted the growing demand for qualified personnel because they learned to offer the same services over the phone as in offices through Telemarketing.

Now it is the turn of small and medium-sized companies to benefit from this service modality to concentrate on what they do best and deliver processes such as customer service, sales, and collection to an expert. With Outbound call center services in Chennai services, you will have better results and probably a reduction in costs given the efficiency achieved by this industry through Technology and the trained staff it has.

It is time for SMEs to take advantage of Contact Centers or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies to develop a competitive advantage that allows them to continue growing in an increasingly accelerated world.

Features of Nimbus BPOs’ Outbound call center services in Chennai:

We can only understand what call center software by knows its characteristics. Here are some of the key functions and features of the call center services:

Outbound Call Center Services In Chennai

Automatic call distributors: Nimbus BPO understands the heart of every good call center. It allows route calls to the most appropriate agent without being involved in the process while monitoring performance and gathering information.

Interactive voice responses: IVR is the "entertaining feature" that takes care of callers before/after connecting to the right agents. These can be welcome messages, service announcement menus, or queue coverage.

Disposition codes: This function marks the result of each call, such as "Not interested," "Transfer to IT support," "Refunded," etc.

Call to barges: Developed for new agents, this allows you to transfer the call to the manager (without informing the customer), who can come on behalf of the agent using a feature called whisper coaching.

Powerful predictive markers: It is primarily used to inform a customer when an agent is available. It can even automatically make calls and connect the agent to a group of callers.

Voicemail and notifications: This allows customers to leave a message for the agent when they are not available. Advanced systems can transcribe messages or email them to the agent to keep messages within the source of activity.

Historical and real-time reports: The reporting function is to view and learn about metrics, including several calls per day/line/agent/department, average duration, average abandon rate, wait time, service level, and more.

Integration: This significantly expands the system's functionality, allowing you to work with third-party applications to secure more customer/caller information, process and analyze customer data, establish customer relationships, and perform other tasks directly on a single platform.

Why do you need us?

At Nimbus BPO, we are a global provider of outsourcing customer experience management with offices in different regions and countries. The support services are available in the regional languages. We have years of experience on the world stage, and we are looking to provide you with the latest in call center services.

Our outbound call center services in Chennai are cost-effective matched to the similar service provider, and our added channels will present your clients with the most reliable client support experience. Our telemarketing expertise can be tested and seen to grow your customer base, thanks to additional customer retention strategies. We are open 24/7/365.

We want you to get results, grow the business and grow the company to work together for the long term. We will use outbound call center services that assure:

- You will be notified when a new potential customer arrives

- We establish a two-way conversation with your clients