Inbound Call Center Services in Noida

Inbound Customer Services in Noida

Back office services mean outsourcing business duties and processes to outside vendors. When organizations outsource business methods to the back office providers, they assign tasks and duties to companies that are usually specialized in maintaining them. These processes had frequently been handled by in-house departments and employees in the past.

As market demands grew, organizations began looking for ways to enhance agility and adaptability to stay competitive and remain consistent in the market. One of these strategies was to empower secondary responsibilities so they could concentrate on their core competencies. Although these duties were not the core concern of the company, they were still significant to business operations.

Here at Nimbus BPO, we have introduced a way for businesses to lessen costs, enhance productivity, and have access to a specific workforce and high-level technology without making it expensive. Currently, Business Process Outsourcing has emerged to be a strategically decisive marketing approach to develop a company's business model. We, Back Office providers, cover all the organizational tasks and duties that help run, manage, and establish a company "behind the scenes." Back Office operations are commonly non-core duties of a company that is moderately essential to the performance of the company. Delegating these responsibilities is an extensive strategy for businesses that want to concentrate on core functions instead.

Reduce your Burden

If you are struggling to manage your business’s backend operations, consider outsourcing. We, at Nimbus BPO are providing backend processes and helping our clients to concentrate on their core tasks only. One of the biggest advantages of acquiring backend service form us is that you can get a streamlined business process at once.

Services any company can outsource to Back-office Providers:

  • Data-entry
  • Document filing
  • Administration of payroll
  • Accounting and auditor
  • Invoice management
  • HR duties
  • Billing, collections, and payments
  • Securities and charges,
  • Order tracking
  • Administration of Invoices
  • Recovery of supplier invoices,
  • IVR and telemarketing
  • Customer support service, etc.

Significant use of InboundCall Center Services:

Customer Support: We assist customers before, after, and during investment to match their requirements through communication. Inbound call center services manage everything from complaints to product failures, as well as taking prompt action to fix the customer's query. It also plays an essential role in customer retention.

Incoming sales: Lately more valuable than the usual outbound counterparts, as the focus is essentially based on being perceived by potential or aspired clients. It basically applies to services in which the client who asks the company for a product or service then acquires an additional application to buy it or, at a minimum, adds it to the database for later sales.

Help Desk: One of the most essential elements of any inbound call center is a help desk. It not just only produces technical solutions but also evaluates concerns related to IT problems and associated products. Information Technology includes services such as pre and post-sale technical assistance, on-site technical support, network support technology, applications, desktop and guarantee, and maintenance services, among others. Providing exceptional help desk service is necessary for keeping a dependable client base.

Characteristics of a perfect Inbound Call Center Services:

An interactive voice system (IVR) makes it feasible to automate routine plans that earlier took precious time (for example, the automatic provision of background information on the customer's current balance). According to statistics - the number of calls processed by IVR can reach 65-70% of the total number of calls, which saves executive resources by directing them to solve more complex tasks.

Provide a piece of information about how long the client has to stay on the line before the administrator can give a response. Statistics show that clients who receive this message wait 1.5-2 times longer than clients who have not received any information. As a result, the number of unanswered calls is considerably reduced. Use a telecommunications program to maintain the support of the operators. This increases the discipline of operators for the available ways to track their work live. A manager must observe if the operator does not take unacceptable actions: delays, not answering the call, serving the call for too long, and others. Record detailed statistics for a certain period of time.

If you conclude that your firm is sinking instead of getting up every time the phone rings, or the callers are not being given the proper attention, then in that case inbound call center services in Noida or an Interactive voice response handling would be the right answer for you. Here at Nimbus, Our call center software empowers representatives to be more productive on the call so they can sell more and give better service. Smart dialers are designed in a way that gives administrators more time with the leads in hand. We focus on creating an atmosphere that helps clients to grow even in tough times. Our services are not limited with few clients; instead we see the sky as a limit.