Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does outsourcing mean?

    Outsourcing is a process that consists of assigning a business function to someone else. In order words, outsourcing is assigning work that you canโ€™t or donโ€™t want to do and are giving it to someone else.

  • What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subclass of the Outsourcing; it basically includes the contracting of some piece of business roles like activities and obligations. For what reason would it be a good idea for me to pick Nimbus BPO/how is Nimbus BPO not quite the same as alternate BPOs?

    The purposes behind outsourcing your ventures to Nimbus BPO are very clear: -

    The business administrations offered by Nimbus BPO are faultless and great. An outstanding unification of value, cost-productivity, innovation and opportune fulfillment of the task is the thing that Nimbus BPO brings to the table. Also, because our area located in strategic places of the world we can offer 24 x 7 benefits anyplace around the world which emerges us at a "Worldwide BPO".

    The Operational office in India is called "The Land of Call Centers", because of our location in India; we can give the most cost-productive administrations while additionally offering quality far more than the desire of our customers.

    While the greater part of the other BPO organizations boast about themselves, we let our customers talk. We are respected to be outstanding amongst other BPO Companies that have a high consumer loyalty Ratio.

    Presently, you have five exceptionally great ways to outsource to Nimbus BPO. When you have effectively outsourced your dull necessities to Nimbus BPO, every one of your stresses with respect to that extend vanish away.

  • What is Offshoring and How it unique in relation to BPO?

    At whatever point an organization migrates a piece of its business outside the nation then this procedure is known as offshoring. The distinction amongst offshoring and outsourcing is that in outsourcing you are relegating the work as anoutsider. While in offshoring implies simply moving the work outside the nation, it might be inside the organization or to some outsider.

    For instance if Company A is situated in U.S and it is appointing its information administration occupation to Company A's own particular office that is situated in India, it is as yet offshoring yet it isn't outsourcing. In any case if Company Aโ€™s agreement is information administration occupation to Company B it is called outsourcing be it in U.S or India.

    What more, if Company A of U.S gets a piece of its work to Company B which is in India, in this manner such a procedure is correctly named as Offshore outsource.

  • What Career Opportunities does Nimbus BPO offer?

    As the wide scope of administrations we offer, the employee needs of Nimbus BPO is quite large. We require:

    Data Entry Operators

    Data Mining Operators

    Web Research Executive

    SEO professionals and Content Writers

    Web and Graphic Designers

    Web Developers

  • What do you mean 4E certification?

    The 4E's stand For: Education, Examination, Experience and Ethics. This is one of the most prestigious and well known certification. All the employees have to undergo the certification process as it is only once they are certified, they will be appointed.

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