Data Support Services

How Does Our Data Support Services help organizations?

By hiring the Data support service from top BPO companies like Nimbus BPO; you can transform your business ideas and turnaround time for clients. Data entry reduces workload and enhances productivity. Whether it is offline paper sheet or online excel sheet, we undertake data entry jobs for our clients to increase their efficiency and to minimize the risk of errors. Also, you can increase your company goals and competency while using valid business data from us.

How Do We Provide Data Support?

We use specific software when someone wants to transform or change the format of any desired information and data. This work is done by our expert data entry operators who are well equipped and well-experienced. By using advanced technology and high tech systems, professionals from our data support service can share effective data. By Scanning, Indexing and high tech supportive systems, our professionals have delivering accurate service on determined time.

Proper Care of Confidential Documents

Some data are highly confidential. We take care of such data with a confidentiality agreement so that our data entry operators are optimally careful. Our expert data entry operators have complete knowledge of data confidentiality.

Data Mining and Data Entry with Accuracy

Data mining is extracting relevant information from sources like websites etc. with the purpose of analysis. The extracted data then gets recorded in client’s desired format. You can expect accurate and reliable data from our data support process. You can build and maintain your sales pipeline with effective data. By passing the valuable data in the sales funnel, you can increase your revenue growth.

Creation of Master Database

Sometimes the volume of data is so high that accessing them is a time taking and confusing activity. Confusion levels are even higher when there are repetitions in databases. We remove duplicate entries or merge certain data and create a master database.