Back Office Provider in Bangalore

Back Office Provider in Bangalore

When we talk about the word back office applied to call centers, we refer to the administrative procedures that are generally carried out once the customer's call is closed, generating a claim, query, request, etc. It is the back or "rearguard" of the companies. The following aspects characterize the back office: It comes directly from the steps taken by the front office agents, who have left some pending tasks, usually because they cannot be solved instantly in the incoming call.

In the back office department, you work without the client online.

There are personnel expressly qualified in conflict management.

Back office provider in Bangalore usually form a team and are located in a specific sector of the call center and have one or more coordinators (depending on the department's size) who distribute the work.

Like front office representatives, productivity and quality are also measured in their efforts, but using other scales, more oriented towards resolution. For instance, the Number of solved incidents/hour, Number of orders placed / hour, etc. When the workers are not any clients, they are usually working in the operations or backend processes.

But, how can back office provider in Bangalore comprehend what actions to take, or which of them should take priority over others:

Through the occurrence number (case, breakdown, claim, etc.): If a front office representative has to leave something unfinished, by protocol, this activity must have a reference number. For this reason, it is handy to have a unified method or environment in which representatives of both services can access. The most straightforward way to prioritize these incidents is to sort them chronologically. Thus, those that are older are the ones that must be administered first. But the oldest concerns don't always have to be the highest priority. For this reason, these can also be sorted by other criteria, for instance, by preferences (high, medium, low, etc.). There are quite diverse approaches.

Through customer emails: Not all incidents (claims, breakdowns, etc.) have to arrive through phone calls that lead to cases opened by the front office. Nowadays, more and more companies open their customer service services to the direct route of customers' emails to the account intended for it. In these cases, the back office provider in Bangalore must have a specific section in charge of managing these emails. In order to prioritize the most important ones apart from ordering them by the date, it is imperative to have a system that can sort them by categories to differentiate queries from incidents or claims.

On the other hand, apart from sharing a computing environment, the back office department has specific tools that they do not have or do not use in the front office. These tools are mainly oriented to administrative tasks, for instance, spreadsheets (Excel), invoice recalculation programs (charges and credits), ordering plans (procedures, cancellations, and returns), etc. For this reason, back-office providers in Bangalore are not only telemarketers; they are also administrative managers.

Subsequent administration (communication with the customer):

But, once the conflict is settled, what should be done? You must contact the individual, freelancer, or contact person in the company to indicate the resolution on our part. For this reason, it is always advisable for back-office providers in Bangalore to transmit it to the customer. If we leave this task to another department, we risk losing information when communicating it. For this, it is essential to consider into the record the following:

Have the case very well prepared. An answer is not always favorable for a client. It would be best if you were prepared for any objection, knowing how to argue the company's position correctly.

Back office provider in Bangalore must also be good telemarketers. If you have to call the client, you must consider the quality of care standards that we have seen in previous posts.

A Back Office agent has to know how to write well. This point mainly affects the management of emails. When communicating writing responses, they must be aware that they are the company's image also when they write. Therefore, to avoid certain expressions and spelling mistakes, they have to be certain about the information they consume.

The tasks carried out by the back office provider in Bangalore are as crucial as answering customer calls. At Nimbus BPO, at this point, the management of a call is closed and, therefore, determined that the customer is satisfied. The responsibilities mentioned above are all taken care of by the Nimbus BPO representatives, and we provide the services that serve best for the corporations.